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Call Center Times: How Cultivating Happiness Boosts Business


Cultivating Happiness: How Boosting Morale Boosts your Business

An article published in the Call Center Times
By Craig Handley, CEO and Founder of Listen Up Español

CallCenterTimesWhen employees are satisfied with the treatment they receive from superiors, their work improves, and their confidence in their service increases. They feel motivated, they want to come into work, and they perform to the best of their abilities. When a level of respect is given, effort quickly rises. Nonetheless, many companies fail to take the time to get connected with employees because they simply do not understand the severity of keeping an employee content. Companies often believe that keeping employees satisfied is too expensive to implement, but improving the morale of employees can be both inexpensive and financially beneficial long-term.

A Paramount Priority

Boosting morale can arguably be the single most important item on the agenda for upper management to employ. Simply put: employers will save money on both recruitment and training.

There are many simple ways to boost company morale without digging deep into the company’s assets. The execution of making employees work happily and effectively begins with making them comfortable. From the moment an employee steps through the door, until the minute they leave, every employee should feel like they are in a safe environment. People are unpredictable, and moods change more than volatile stock market swings, so maintaining a consistent positive work environment will help to balance the wayward moods people get into. Employees will also feel motivated to learn about a product or service to better upsell, cross-sell, and seal the deal.

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Craig Handley is the CEO and founder of Listen Up Español which operates in Portland, Maine with a call center in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Listen Up Español specializes in Direct Response, Corporate and Customer service, and Non-Profit Charitable fundraising. Handley can be reached via email at or via phone at (207) 774-1425.


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